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Reconstructive Procedures

facial plastic surgery photo gallery In addition to his passion for cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Kreegel is also committed to serving the community of the Southwest Florida. With an expertise not only in cosmetic plastic surgery, but also in general reconstruction, breast reconstruction, skin cancer treatment, hand surgery, head and neck surgery, and trauma surgery Dr. Kreegel provides support to our local Emergency Departments and Trauma Center on a monthly basis. This coverage includes providing medical care and surgical services to the local area for complicated wounds, diseases, and accident related injuries.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is a surgical specialty dedicated to reconstruction to restore form and/or function of facial and body defects due to birth disorders, trauma, burns, and disease. With over 20 years of experience in both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, Dr. Kreegel lends a special skill set.

Breast cancer is terrible disease affecting many women within our community. Whether it is immediately following mastectomy or delayed reconstruction, Dr. Kreegel coordinates care with general surgeons and oncologists to provide breast reconstruction surgery. Breast reconstruction techniques may vary from patient to patient in an attempt to restore appearance, size, and a near normal breast shape following mastectomy. These techniques include tissue expansion, flap procedures, placement of permanent implants and grafting procedures to re-create the nipple and areola. Breast reconstruction is not simply an effort to replace the lost breasts following mastectomy, it is an attempt to rebuild self-confidence, self-image, and quality of life to the unfortunate victims of this dreadful disease.

Reconstructive surgery is not limited to breast procedures. General reconstruction is the practice of restoring near normal functionality and appearance of defects affecting various areas of the body. General reconstructive procedures provided by Dr. Kreegel include surgery to repair work related injuries, injuries resulting from car accidents, birth defects, and complicated wounds. Quite frequently, these types of injuries/ailments require specialized training for surgical repair, and cannot be addressed by a General Surgeon. It is in these cases that Dr. Kreegel’s expertise is utilized.

Surgery of the hand is another area in which Dr. Kreegel provides a particular skill set. Hand and wrist surgery requires very specialized attention in the effort to restore near normal function. Some of the more common hand conditions requiring surgical intervention are carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion cysts, and trigger finger. Dr. Kreegel can also surgically treat much more complicated problems such as Dupuytren’s contracture, fractures, birth defects, lacerations, tendon injuries, and finger amputations. These more complex procedures often involve intricate tendon and nerve repair work in order to restore near normal function to the hand and wrist.

Many people believe that skin cancer is a disease treated solely by dermatologists. However, plastic surgeons are trained in the treatment of skin cancers as well. In fact, in some cases patients may be referred by their dermatologist to a plastic surgeon for treatment of skin cancer. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Kreegel has received training in specialized techniques that can minimize the appearance of scars following surgery. Although certain skin cancer cases require outpatient surgery at one of the facilities, often times the procedures can be done in the office, with very little down-time. Kreegel Aesthetic Surgery offers complimentary skin cancer screenings on a monthly basis. Call our office for upcoming screening dates and additional information…239-343-9777